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New Generation Chainless Diffuser Hydraulics for Sugar Industry


Fluidtronik SA (Pty) recently delivered the first of two R5million orders to Bosch Projects, a specialized sugar equipment supplier based in Durban. The project was delivered within a staggering 8 weeks from date of order which included detailed design, manufacture, assemble and full in house testing.

Heinz von Fintel, MD of Fluidtronik elaborates that this achievement was made possible by his hardworking, motivated team of engineers & artisans as well as excellent service from numerous reputable suppliers. Itís all about having the right attitude & being customer service orientated. Von Fintel is very proud of the quality of the product & the professional approach his company displayed in executing the project.

The project consisted of the complete hydraulic system for two Bosch Projects Chainless Diffusers to be installed in the state of Bihar in India . It comprises a Retract Motion Control System and a Forward Motion Control System which is made up of:

  • 24 off Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cylinders
  • 24 off Control Blocks Integrated on the cylinders
  • 4 off Power Pack Units
  • 4 off Transducer Panels
  • Non welded piping system
  • Electrical prewiring

12 off LVDTís are integrated within each of the forward motion cylinders for accurate position control.

Fluidtronik incorporated some unique features in their design which included:

  • Stainless Steel Reservoirs to prevent internal corrosion from condensation.
  • Fail Safe Control system allowing the cylinder to float whilst the opposite cylinder is being activated.
  • Very low pressure drop across cartridge control valves.
  • Pump Unloading through LS vent which allows for very smooth
  • decompression stage before switching direction solenoid valves.
  • Heavy Duty Cylinders with unique sealing & bearing design.
  • Pressure Transducers to monitor individual diffuser screen loading & serve
  • as interlock to switch direction control valve only when pressure has decompressed.
  • Flared & Flanged, nonwelded leak free piping system rated for 420bar.

Fluidtronik SA built a mock up of the diffuser in order to fully simulate & test the complete hydraulic system together with the customerís instrumentation system before shipping out to India. The inhouse tests proved immensely successful which will allow us in future to pretest & ship out to anywhere in the world.

We look forward to supply many more of these systems to Bosch Projects which are in the pipe line for Africa, India & Brazil.

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